The 10″ telescope

Now I have finished my telescope. The prime mirror is mounted in the telescope, the secondary mirror and the ocular is mounted too. But I got two problems:

1. I ordered a new 40 mm. secondary mirror, but my suplier have not got it and send it to me yet. So I have used an old 30 mm. secondary mirror from a 6″ newtonian. It is acceptable, but not good enough. I still waiting for the 40 mm. secondary mirror.

2. The next problem is more difficult. When the mirror returned from aluminizing I discovered a kind of ring near the edge of the mirror. I think it is a problem from the polishing phase. See the Youtube-video from the link below.

In spite of theese problems I have tested the telescope with a 25 mm. Kelner ocular. The stars was sharp, I could see many double stars and other details. I just need to align my viewfinder, before it will be posibly to determine which star and their magnitude I can see.

At I published a video with my telescope, see this link: My first telescope .

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